Meet Our Rescues

Here at The Fin Room we are not only an aquatic fish and exotic pet specialist shop, we have also opened our doors to many rescue animals who have needed homes. These animals have now found their forever homes here with as and have become permanent residents of our store and by supporting and buying from us you are actively helping us continue this its only by people like yourself we are able to keep doing what we are doing. We pride ourselves in being able to help these animals when we are able to and allow them to live out their lives here with us. We are hoping to start animal handling and education talks in the summer, so keep your eyes peeled for that, where you may meet some of these guys!


Meet Casey. Casey is a royal python who was handed into us after her previous owner could no longer care for her. Casey came to us with severe burns on her underside as well as being egg bound. She required immediate veterinary attention as she was left for over a month with no treatment to these burns. Casey is now recovering well after multiple vet visits to treat her burns, as well as an overnight stay to have three eggs removed as she was unable to pass these herself. 


Meet Benny. Benny is a yellow-bellied slider who came to us after his previous owner abandoned him with a friend. Benny had bad shell rot when he first came to us and required daily bathing to treat this shell rot. Benny is now living the rest of his life in a secure outdoor pond where he has all the space he could ever need. While his shell rot has been treated, the damage to his shell is irreversible and he will now have a damaged shell for the rest of his life.


Meet Bert. Bert is a drama queen and loves to be centre of attention. Don't let let his cute face fool you though as he is one of the grumpiest bearded dragons I have ever met. Bert was handed into us after he continuously kept escaping his vivarium with his previous owner and his owners parents weren't too happy about this, so Bert came to live with us.

Fat boy.jpg

Meet Nicholas, known to some as Fat-Boy! Nicholas is a Yemen chameleon who came to us as his previous owner was moving house and could not take him. Nicholas was handed into us as an old and grumpy boy but has came on leaps and bounds since then and is now able to be handled regularly. Nicholas' crest is not as developed as it should be for his age which is likely due to an incorrect diet at some point in his life. As well as this, he also has a shortened tongue which could have been caused by him being hand fed. 


Meet Bill and Gail our crested geckos. Bill and Gail's previous owner was a much loved, regular customer of our shop, who unfortunately passed away very suddenly. This meant Bill and Gail had to find new homes with ourselves. 


Meet Cleo and Paddy our panther geckos. Cleo and Paddy came as a pair to our shop and Cleo had unfortunately dropped her tail, because of this we decided they would be best to stay with us. 


Meet Tom and Margo our leopard geckos. While Tom and Margo are not rescues as such, they are permeant residents of the shop. Tom and Margo came into the store a few years ago and the staff fell in love so they never left. 


Meet Betty Doughnut. Betty is a bearded dragon who was handed into us as her previous owners boyfriend abandoned her with his girlfriend. While the girlfriend looked after Betty as best as she could, she was aware that she needed a new home. Betty ended up coming to livewith us but she hadn't been fed any live insects for months, we are now working with her to get her to eat them again. 


Meet Alfredo the axolotl. Alfredo's previous couldn't care for him anymore so he was handed into our store. Alfredo now lives in massive cycled tank with a fellow tank mate who was a big help with getting him to eat again. 


Meet Loulou the leopard gecko. Loulou is our newest member of The Fin Room family. Like with our other animals Loulou's previous owner could no longer care for her so she came to live with us in the shop.


Meet Big Lynn. Big Lynn is our Goliath birdeater tarantula. This is the best photo we have of her as she very rarely ventures passed the opening of her burrow. Big Lynn's previous owner was downsizing his collection so she came to our shop to live. 


Meet Gilbert the leopard gecko. Gilbert is 16 months old and came to us as his previous owner was moving house and unfortunately the new property was not big enough for a correctly sized enclosure. Gilbert now has a forever home with a member of staff.